Trustee Board Appointments

We provide trusteeship services for a variety of pensions schemes, acting as either the sole trustee or alongside others. Appointing a professional independent trustee has many benefits, including:

  • Improved governance – ensuring that all key issues are addressed and monitored
  • Reassurance – for scheme members in the face of the current uncertainties and concerns
  • Solving or avoiding conflicts of interest – for example where the employer’s finance director is also a trustee and a funding related decision needs to be made
  • Experience and knowledge – to help the other trustees to understand the key issues and what they need to consider and focus on, and to bring the experience from similar situations to the trustee group
  • Coping with legislative change and regulatory demands – pensions law and regulation continue to evolve with continued pressure on governance
  • Continuity and simplification – some trustee groups have frequent changes of personnel, whether through corporate reorganisations or changes to member representatives. An independent trustee can provide some continuity, which can in turn simplify the ongoing governance and management of the scheme.


Pensions legislation lays down requirements for trustee meetings and decision making, supplemented by trust law, case law and Regulator codes for good scheme governance.  We offer a secretarial service to demonstrate good practice and provide for efficient meetings and procedures. Our services include:
  • arranging and communicating meeting schedules

  • providing appropriate notice to all parties to ensure attendance

  • production of agendas and formulating a list of necessary and outstanding action points

  • production of meeting packs

  • recording of Minutes and the making of decisions

  • action plan follow-up between meetings



Under the Pensions Act 2004, there is a statutory requirement for the trustees of occupational pension schemes to have the necessary knowledge and understanding to fulfil their duties as a trustee. We can help you achieve and maintain this. The Pensions Regulator’s Code of Practice No 7 – Trustee Knowledge and Understanding (“TKU”) is intended to provide practical guidelines on what knowledge and understanding trustees are required to have. The TKU requirement is designed to enable trustees to:

  • increase their own confidence in their ability to carry out their role

  • know about their powers as well as their duties and responsibilities

  • understand their scheme, how it works and the importance of employer covenant

  • understand the advice they are given

  • be able to question or challenge advice when the need arises

  • recognise when they need specialist advice or when they need to consider reselection

  • recognise and manage conflicts of interests

  • develop a regime for the proper governance of their schemes

  • have a working knowledge of their own schemes governing trust documentation and other important scheme documents

  • design a learning regime which is delivered with both the requirements of the TKU regime and the precise needs of the individual trustee in mind.


We offer a range of administration services for small sized occupational pension schemes including:
  • Scheme establishment
  • Day-to-day pension scheme administration
  • Record keeping
  • Member communication
  • Pension scheme accounting and cash management
  • Scheme secretarial services
  • Data audit
  • Specialist training for in-house pension scheme administrators
  • Member helplines


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